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Donald Trump Wants Americans to Denounce their Neighbors, Gestapo-Style

Donald Trump Wants Americans to Denounce their Neighbors, Gestapo-Style

Does Trump know that as a recent book about Nazi Germany’ Gestapo (Secret State Police) tells us, “The Gestapo was not bound by any legal or administrative accountability or burden of proof.”

You’ll probably be wrong when you denounce your neighbors but that’s okay. Proof is for losers.

The authors, Carsten Dams and Michael Stolle, relate that while denunciations can occur even in democratic states (obviously Trump is proof of that) and “represent to a certain extent the normal condition of any political intervention,” they point ominously to the fact that in the Third Reich it was “men from the lower and middle classes who make up a disproportionately large percentage of the denouncers.”


Donald Trump’s Police State - The New York Times

Donald Trump’s Police State - The New York Times

In “The Plot Against America,” the novelist Philip Roth imagines an alternative history at the dawn of World War II. Charles A. Lindbergh, aviator hero and crypto-fascist, defeats Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940. Rather than go to war against Nazi Germany, he foments an atmosphere of hatred directed at Jews in the United States.

President Lindbergh’s rule is based on fear. He can violate the Constitution because enough Americans do not mind limiting the freedom of a suspect minority in the name of security.

Of course, it could never happen here. It’s a novel, silly boy — one of late-stage Roth’s better efforts. Made-up stuff. That’s what I’ve always thought. But over the last three months, in listening to plans of the Republican presidential front-runner and the views of his increasingly thuggish followers, I’m starting to have some dark fears should Donald Trump become president.

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Kochs' Push for Criminal Legal Reform Is Aimed at Protecting Corporate Lawbreakers

Kochs' Push for Criminal Legal Reform Is Aimed at Protecting Corporate Lawbreakers

As The New York Times reported, Koch Industries, backing as part of a package of criminal legal system reform legislation, a bill that would change the way the feds can use a legal doctrine known as "mens rea" in white collar cases. If the bill passes, white collar criminals could get away with breaking the law if they can simply say that they "didn't know" they or their business and colleagues were breaking the law when committing the crime in question.

They can't do this now - it's that whole "ignorance of the law is no excuse" thing. And while this whole issue of "did they or didn't they know" might sound like a minor bit of legal esoterica, it's not.


Nick Hanauer on the present state of Walmart

Here's my latest piece. Maybe this will save you from an awkward conversation or two tonight.

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I'm a hardcore capitalist; I've founded or funded 35 companies across a range of industries, and I can say without a doubt that fair compensation is not only good for Wal-Mart's employees, it's actually good for business, good for investors and good for the American economy as a whole. The fundamental law of capitalism is that when workers have more money, businesses have more customers – and when businesses have more customers, they hire more workers. It is this positive feedback loop between customers and businesses that is the fundamental driver of economic growth. The real threat to Wal-Mart's profits isn't higher wages; it's stagnant consumer demand. And as the nation's largest employer, Wal-Mart's own predatory employment practices have played a major role in hollowing out the middle-class customer base on which Wal-Mart relies. At the same time the Walton heirs and I are thriving beyond the dreams of any plutocrat in history, the rest of the country – the 99.99 percent – is lagging far behind. Wal-Mart workers and their families are living paycheck to paycheck, relying on government assistance to pay their rent, purchase their health insurance and put food on the table.


John Kasich’s Super PAC Goes On $2.5 Million Political Ad Spending Spree To Attack Donald Trump.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

This death hug was part of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which was passed on a voice vote by a lame duck Republican Congress in 2006. As I’ve reported, the mandate required the Postal Service, over 10 years, to pre-fund healthcare benefits for the next 75. This unique burden costs USPS $5.5 billion a year. The new law also restricted the Postal Service’s ability to raise postage rates, or to provide “nonpostal services” that, in an e-diversion era, could be key to its future. American Postal Workers Union president Cliff Guffey says the bill was designed “by those people who hate government … to destroy the Postal Service. And that’s what they did.”


Republicans are relentless in their attacks against the U.S. Postal Service. Americans simply cannot afford to let them...

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Not your grandparents Thanksgiving

We all have that one killjoy who likes to remind people of the truth at Thanksgiving. This year, it was MTV, and it was hilariously and masterfully done. h

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Homophobia:  An essential Republican political tactic.

The ever growing bastardization of religious freedom in this country is mounting a real charge to fundamentally destroy the equal protection clause in our Constitution. Fright Wing bigots like Ted Cruz are going viral, spreading their homophobic, fear-drenched pathological obsession with infecting their low information minions with hatred for gay Americans. These Rethuglican bigots, like Cruz and his queer-bashing ilk rage on unchecked by common decency, while mangling the constitutional provision to promote the general welfare of “We the People”. They have found true love with “Kill the Gay” pastors (like Kevin Swanson), who latch onto their every hate-filled stump speech like sociopathic, sanctimonious school girls with a crush on the cr

When it is Rethuglican Homophobic Stupid for the Win, Everyone Loses: An Epilogue on Houston's Proposition 1, and the...

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eation of terror.

This Is Why White Supremacists Opened Fire On Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protestors

This Is Why White Supremacists Opened Fire On Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protestors

There is a misconception that it is only the South that supports blatant racism, and although it has been the case since the Civil Rights movement and desegregation, a joint project involving a Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) professor and VCU Libraries shows how the Ku Klux Klan successfully spread its special brand of racial animus towards African Americans nationwide. The result of the project, besides demonstrating the breadth and scope of the Klan’s influence in creating a nation of hateful racists, is a clever little map showing that the “second Klan” spread across all fifty states as opposed to “Reconstruction and Civil Rights Klan” mostly concentrated in the Deep South. The “second Klan” thrived between 1915 and 1940 and African Americans today are feeling the effects in every state in the Union, not just the former Confederacy.


F.B.I. report on white supremacist groups

Of the 26 terrorist attacks that have been carried out since 9/11, only seven of them have been carried out by Muslim Jihadists. Twenty-six people have been killed in those seven attacks, compared to a whopping 48 people for the 19 right-wing Hatriot attacks. Yet, even that disparity is a little misleading, because it includes the Ft. Hood shooting. While there’s no question that Nidal Hasan (a U.S. Army Major and psychiatrist) was a Muslim, and that he did shout “Allahu Akhbar” before shooting, most profilers agree that the Ft. Hood massacre more fit the profile of postal-style workplace violence than ideological terrorism. (“Allahu Akhbar” means “God is Great,” a proclamation that Muslims use as a kind of “last rite” before dying.) That aside, the traditional definition of terrorism excludes uniformed military targets and military bases. So, on both bases, Ft. Hood would fit more into the “mass shooting” category with Aurora and Sandy Hook than the clear “ideological terrorism” category with 9/11 and Charleston.


Want to see the face of terror since 2001? A 62% chance says you'll find it in the mirror.

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